About ASI

About ASI

The Astronomical Society of Iran (ASI) is a non-beneficiary institute established for the development of astronomy including improvements in educational quality and research and boosting the national collaboration among scientific and research institutes in the country.

The association was registered on November 24, 1996 under Reg. No. 9226.

The board of founders of Astronomical Society of Iran are: Dr. Yousef Sobouti, Dr. Bahram Khaleseh, Dr. Nematollah Riazi, Dr. Ali Ajabshir Zadeh, Dr. Jamshid Ghanbari, Dr. Ahmad Kiasatpour, Dr. Reza Mansouri, Dr. Sadollah Nassiri Gheydari and Dr. Hossein Vakili Karimabadi.

ASI Membership
Membership in the Astronomical Society of Iran falls in one of the four categories:

  • Associated membership: This covers the professionals astronomers who have a degree in astronomy and related disciplines (master’s degrees or higher).
  • Adjoint membership: This includes students and amateur astronomers who actively pursue astronomy and take part in the outreach activities of the association and participate in the ASI scientific activities.
  • Honorary membership: This covers those individuals who have made effective and valuable contributions in the progresses of goals and objectives of the Association.
  • Institutional Membership: This includes organizations and associations that become a member of the ASI.